Thursday, March 08, 2012

Sprint retrospective: INVEST in good stories.

The column to the right of the 6 cards is 'done'
I've just come back from a sprint's worth of holiday and so unfortunately have not been able to be in work during the sprint. We set a fairly low and what I thought was an achievable target.

However on my return I've see a lot of cards in the 'almost done' column. This was not the new beginning I had hoped for.

In the retrospective, the team explain that the blue cards were all dependent on all the cards being done.

The green cards were started by branching off the blue and therefore were dependent too. Nothing could go out. There's an acronym that can help here, INVEST. Stories should be Independent, Negotatiable, Valueable, Estimatable and Testable. Because the project is a rewrite and we have made breaking changes the cards had to go out together. We have decided to consider more the impact of doing this in the future.

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