Friday, March 11, 2005

Kent Beck Talk

I've just stumbled over an excellent talk by Kent Beck on Developer Testing. Kent says some pretty interesting things.

  • He talks about Software Health and introducing good practises.
  • Developer Testing only affects you doesn't rely on anybody else.
  • Accountabilty and promtes good design. I.e you think about the tests - if you've not thought of all scenarios they will be missing with in the tests.
  • Documentation :test can provide an element of documentation to code.
  • Adding tests can be easy and provide immediate feedback.
  • Responsibilty of dev testing is on you...
  • Constancy of purpose to 'stick with it'
  • as bug fixing legacy code perhaps write some tests.
Basically check it out. Its made me regret not Sitcking with TDD for my current project.

Friday, February 18, 2005


It seems that the majority of my input on this project is going to be GUI related so that will make it difficult to use TDD (well just to test the GUI). If anything interesting occurs I'll mention it.

GExperts! They do one for D2005 - Whee!
But it doesn't have the full functionality in the c# personality. - Arse.

I yearn for Ctrl & G. there's something in the developers section which looks interesting
, Blogwise/c#wise . I'll have a look at that I think.

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Ok here's the boring bit. I've started this blog to document my adventures into XP amongsts other things. Lets start of where I am and where I hope to to be

I'm a delphi developer and used a bit of DUnit and I've recently been working on projects in C# my Delphi TDD project I decided make un TDDed as I was learning the new language using a new IDE.
But I'll try and reintroduce my tests after the event.

So I guess now its a case of watch this space: