Friday, March 11, 2005

Kent Beck Talk

I've just stumbled over an excellent talk by Kent Beck on Developer Testing. Kent says some pretty interesting things.

  • He talks about Software Health and introducing good practises.
  • Developer Testing only affects you doesn't rely on anybody else.
  • Accountabilty and promtes good design. I.e you think about the tests - if you've not thought of all scenarios they will be missing with in the tests.
  • Documentation :test can provide an element of documentation to code.
  • Adding tests can be easy and provide immediate feedback.
  • Responsibilty of dev testing is on you...
  • Constancy of purpose to 'stick with it'
  • as bug fixing legacy code perhaps write some tests.
Basically check it out. Its made me regret not Sitcking with TDD for my current project.