Friday, January 20, 2012

Metrolink: Highlights from the passenger's charter

The top web search result for "Metrolink Complaints" brings back Passenger Charter last updated in 2008 it has some encouraging quotes. All emphasis is my own.
The vision behind the Metrolink system is to provide a safe, efficient environmentally friendly and reliable tram system for Greater Manchester that will integrate with other transport modes and fulfill the aspirations of the Passenger Transport Authority.
Advance information on planned disruptions to service will be made available as soon as practically possible in advance. Information will be prominently displayed at all stops. We will always endeavour to minimise passenger disruption to services.
We want all passengers to have a trouble free journey and therefore ask you to consider the needs of your fellow passengers at all times.
We will continue to aim for improved standards of punctuality and reliability. We will publish our reliability and punctuality figures set against agreed target levels at Metrolink stops every four weeks. These figures will be independently advised every year.
We will provide real time information about our services by means of public address systems and information screens.
How many of screens actually work?
We recognise that passengers want to know what is happening when things go wrong. Our staff on trams and on the Metrolink system will help by providing as much information as they can to passengers.
For comments or complaints regarding general operation, maintenance and cleanliness of the Metrolink system, passengers should contact Stagecoach’s Customer Service team. For issues relating to policy, for example fares and future Metrolink expansion, passengers should contact GMPTE’s Customer Relations department.
Note Stagecoach do not run the service anymore.
If you have a complaint, we want to find out what went wrong and put it right for the future.
Senior managers carefully monitor the number and type of comments we receive. We will use this information to improve our service in the future.
This is my favourite
We do our best to give you the service you have the right to expect. Our aim is to provide customer satisfaction by improving our services in response to your comments.
We will always do our best to satisfy all complaints. If you still wish to take the matter further you can refer it to your local Passenger Focus Group, an independent public body set up by the Government to protect the interests of Britain's rail passengers. They are funded by the Department for Transport but their independence is guaranteed by an act of Parliament. They use their knowledge to influence decisions on behalf of rail passengers and work with the rail industry, other passenger groups and government to secure journey improvements. The address for Passenger Focus in the area served by Metrolink is: Passenger Focus 9th Floor Store Street Manchester M1 2RP Tel: 0870 336 6095 Fax: 0161 244 5981

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